Reasons Why Employers Haven’t Contacted You After A Job Interview

You found your best suitable opportunity with a company and you were well prepared for the this important interview, Dressed in the professional interview manner, even you have also performed brilliantly, answering all the tough questions blasted at you. You are confident enough in cracking this job.

But after why haven’t you heard back from the HR so far? Here are some good reasons why you may not have got further response heard back so far .

You doesn’t look interested to that company

This is probably one of the most obvious reason. You might have thought you have rocked the interview but there’s always someone who may have won the HR’s heart or a strong reference for the opening. Some companies may send a rejection email or others prefer to keep silence.

You are Over Qualified or Low Skilled

Most of the Companies will be selecting the candidates based on their ongoing & upcoming projects, in this case you would have over skilled than their requirement which make them to think you may demand for a better pay than they planned or you may lack some of the skill they prefer.

You have not mentioned all your strengths & Skills

Even though you have work on the specified technology or have knowledge on the skill sets you have forgotten to mention or not updated in your resume which plays a major role in rejection.

Your Resume looks clumsy

Having a well versatile experience or huge skill set doesn’t work, it all matter how you make your resume which makes HR & their team to find out what they require in you in a faster manner. As per a survey recruiters takes 6 Seconds to finalize “ Fit or Unfit “ Decision.

You may just performed well at a wrong interview

Most of the candidates do not research on what kind of job interview they are going to attend or apply. They don’t look in detail on what a company want & what we posses, performing at best in a wrong place do not provide any result but let with wast of time & pain.

Other reasons may be said of

They are interviewing some other candidates which makes them to get back to you a time or else the job position may be on hold or take some time for the salary negotiation process.

Those reason will be varying case to case, but you need to be touch with the HR in regular intervals which bring impression on you.

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