How to Get a Dream Job Against Odds

Let me discuss how can we score a dream job when i was against about thousands of candidates
Till date we have heard of stories on how Google getting millions of resumes ( its being conformed by Google too!) while these kinds of odds are the exception, its really difficult to get jobs these days at minimum wages, even its getting worsen for engineers.


Let us start from this path : when a job is posted online it generally bring a average of 100’s of resume submissions.So, frankly speaking we have 1% chance of cracking a job, but there are multiple ways to directly increase your chances of getting the job above all others even over people that have more experience and a better education than you do.

While in Point : Here lets make a version how can we crack a interview even over the people that have more experience and a better education than you do.

Be there at advance : When we used to search for jobs online we need to look at the job sites early so that we can jump on other candidates & apply in advance where other who either sleep in or submit in the day later. Here there is no exception.

Be Networked : we need to make a huge homework to find out who worked for the specified employer. With that data we can create connections who were known to me that helps us to get ideas & reference to get in to that job.

Research : When you are about to attend an interview you should understand the specified employer on their culture, philosophy & Organizational structure, that helps us to score during the further schedules & brings us more confidence.

Revamp Resume : We should never use the same boring confusing resume when we are applying for dream job, it should be in a manner of easy understanding to hr by highlighting your skills, competences & your previous roles, because your resume speaks on befall of you!!

Mock Interviews : After when you get a call from the HR saying a Interview, please have some rehearsal for practicing most commonly asked questions & behaviors during interviews, even you should have a through knowledge of your resume too.

Record Your self : Make a selfi video of how you answer a interview, your bod language, expressions & others. I strongly suggest & to modify yours accordingly.

Warm up : Like a sports man you should warm up your Mind Spirit & Body, just not mentally but physically as well. Stretching & Mediation – especially Yoga that gives us extra energy that prepares us for the Sportive Interview Session.

During Interview : We should be a hour early to the interview to ensure i could find a place to park my vehicle or we don’t get wexed in the traffic. So, that i can spend extra time in get preparing my self. When we walk in to the Interview room we should have extra confident & clear mind that gives every answer a clear run.

Request for a Trail Period : We know that there would be so many people with more experience or skills better than us, So we should bent down & tell them you are ready to give them trail period in which we would work for them, for free, in order to prove our self.

Think Away : Don’t think about the odds when applying for jobs. Spend your time over-preparing and create an attack plan to outshine the other candidates. It’s all about preparation and going the extra mile. If you don’t do it, then someone else will.

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